Steps for Choosing a Lab Scale

Choosing a Lab Scale Lab Scales Capacity may not be very high. However, they are extremely accurate and are used precisely for that reason. Choosing the correct precision scale is an extremely daunting task because you always want the most accurate Precision Scale, but you would also want to have one that gives you the maximum capacity.

Once you know what is the Maximum capacity and Accuracy of the Lab-scale that you need it. The second and more challenging part is to select the company or type of scales that you require. Below I am listing down some pointers that you may want to follow, wherein it will make it easier for you to select the best Lab Scale for your use.

Your Electronic Precision Lab Scale should have a great Repeatability

A Precision Scale / Lab Scale is meant to show you the same weight of the object every time you weigh it. The Weighing Scale cannot show you 100 mg one time and 102 mg the next time you put the same item. Hence whenever you are purchasing a Precision Scale, you have to make sure that it has brilliant repeatability. Else you might want to keep looking for another one.

Your Electronic Precision Lab Scale should be extremely precise

The very reason that you are purchasing a Lab Scale Scale is that you want to weigh your material extremely precisely. It should show you the exact weight of the item that you put on it. So make sure that when you are buying a Precision Weighing Scale, you check the weight by putting a known weight on the plate. If it shows you the exact weight, then there you go it’s the scale that you should purchase.

Your Electronic Precision Lab Scale should have a WindShield

A Precision Weighing Scale is so precise that the very air of your breath can change the readings on it. Make sure that the Precision Weighing Scale that you purchase has a windshield. Also if possible ask the manufacturer to provide you with an anti-vibration mat. Using an anti-vibration mat the Lab-scale does not get affected by the vibrations of the ambient environment.

Your Electronic Precision Lab Balance should not show Cornering

A Lab Weighing Scale has to be extremely precise. There will be instances when you put the material on the plate and it will just pop out. In these cases, make sure that the readings of the Lab Weighing Scale are not affected. The reading should be the same either material kept in the center or at the edge of the plate

Your Electronic Precision Lab Scale should have an extended Warranty

A Lab weighing scale is an expensive piece of machinery. Hence any Digital Precision Balance must have at least a one-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. That is a given. I also understand that the Electronic Precision Weighing Scale is not used under harsh circumstances. It will usually be in an air-conditioned room. Hence try to negotiate a warranty that is more than one year for the Electronic Precision Weighing Scale. Also always opt for an AMC Plan for Electronic Precision Weighing Scale whenever it is available.

Your Electronic Precision Lab Scale should be accompanied by a Weight for calibration

Any Electronic Precision Balance needs constant calibration to make sure that it is showing the right weight. There is an Electronic Precision Balance with an internal Calibration. The manufacturer should provide you with an F1/F2/E1/E2 weight with which you can calibrate your Electronic Precision Balance. This will come in very handy when there are extreme temperature fluctuations in the ambient temperature. Also, choose an Electronic Precision Balance that has an inbuilt spirit level as a flat surface is extremely important.

Your Electronic Precision Lab Balance should be Certified by Legal Metrology and preferably must be having a NABL certificate

Your Digital Precision Balance will usually be used for commercial purposes. According to the Law, all scales used for the commercial activity should have a Legal Metrology Stamping on them. Hence your Digital Precision Balance should be stamped and approved by the Legal Metrology Department. You should be provided with an original certificate from the manufacturer to prove that it is legal for trade.

Many Labs and Companies nowadays require you to have a NABL certificate for your Digital Precision Balance. This is just an added certification needed by international Pharma companies. They use for their audit purpose to certify that your Digital Precision Balance is compliant with international standards.

Your Electronic Precision Lab Scale MUST have a TARE/ZERO Function

Before buying Digital Precision Weighing Scale make sure that it has a TARE/ZERO function in it. Most of the time you use your Digital Precision Weighing Scale you will keep a beaker or an empty container on it. Instead of sitting with a calculator, just make sure that your Scale has a TARE/ZERO function. It will save you a lot of hassles in the future. This is a very common feature in the modern Digital Precision Weighing Scale.

Your Electronic Precision Lab Scale should have more than 100% Overload capacity

In most cases, your Digital Precision Lab Balance has a small capacity. So a slight overload may spoil the internal sensors of the weighing scale. And in most cases, the sensor of your Digital Precision Lab Balance does not have a warranty. So make sure when you are purchasing your Digital Precision Lab Balance, it has at least a 100% overload capacity. Most Digital Precision Lab Balance have a 200% overload capacity. But at least 100% is required. Make sure that the total weighing that you put on your Digital Precision Lab Balance does not exceed this reading, along with the beaker or the container.

Your Electronic Precision Lab Balance should have Heat Compensated Electronics inside it

Most of the Electronic Lab Balance will be used in extremely sensitive conditions. Now, all Electronic Lab Balance uses sensors that are very prone to even the slightest variation in temperature. Hence, you should always buy an Electronic Lab Balance that is resistant to change in Temperature. All Electronic Lab Balance manufactured by HSCo has a temperature compensated circuit that makes sure that your Electronic Lab Balance gives you the right weight even when the temperature varies.

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