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When you are buying a scale from HSCo, we will check the scale in front of you and only if you are satisfied with the scale will we give it to you. However, there is no way to know if your scale is showing the right weight once you leave our store.

As per the law you are supposed to keep 10% of the maximum capacity of the weight of your scale. So if you are purchasing a weight scale of 300 kgs, you have to keep 30 kgs alongside with it. A lot of business owners donot keep these weights

At Hindustan Scale Company we feel it is always better to keep these weights and count it as a cost of the scale. There are two reasons for that. Firstly you are compliant by law. Secondly, you can always check the weighing scale by keeping these weights on the scale. And weights are not that expensive either.

Well, Quality is a highly subjective matter, and that you are buying a good quality scale is something like asking is Honda City a good car. Now compared to TATA Nano, it is. Compared to Mercedes C Class it is not.

So the real question you should be asking is, will the scale being purchased do the task for which it is being bought. So if you want to weigh gold, a Kirana scale will do no good. You need a gold weighing scale.

Now at Hindustan Scale Company – HSCo, scales come with a two years warranty against an industry standard of one year. SO we are quite sure that the scales will last you more than the other scales available in the market. Also at HSCo we give you a lifetime free upgrade of all the software pertaining to a model FREE of cost. And there is backward compatibility. So even after seven years when you come back to us for repairs we will be able to do it. We are an ISO 9001:2015 company and all products that we manufacture go through a rigorous quality check. We also have a policy that we buy only the best components from the industry leaders in their fields and they too need to be an ISO certified company. That gives us an extra edge in quality compared to the smaller brands. Also at HSCo we have a dedicated R&D and software team that can give you the latest technology at the most affordable price.

Our scales easily last you for more than seven years giving you one of the lowest cost of ownership and one of the highest weighing averages. Our scales can handle more than 1,50,000 repetations throughout their lifetime. Our grocery scales over their lifetime weigh about 63 tons of goods, and our crane scale more than 39,00,00,000 (39 crore) kgs of material.

So should you buy from us. Definitely you should.

We have a number of DIY videos in the help section that helps you to debug the scale yourself. So you can fix your scale yourself (believe me, its fairly simple). So you still find it difficult to fix the scale you can call our Repairs and Queries number +91-7045922251 and talk to our engineers about the same. They will guide you for the step by step repairing process.

Say you still cannot fix the problem. We have over 1440 repairers, service dealers and technicians all over India who can fix your scale. What you need to do is download our app and raise a repairing request, and someone will come and fix your scale. Its that simple

Absolutely Yes. There is no second thought about it. All the scales that leave HSCo’s factory are 100% Legal Metrology Approved and a certificate for the same will be issued to the customer. If you take an electronic scale then an original certificate will accompany the scale. If you take a Mechanical Scale then a photocopy of the certificate will accompany the scale.

Why do you purchase any weighing scale. So that you are assured that the scale shows you the right weight, always. Now will the scale be any good, if its cheap but does not show you the right weight. So now what is the worth of a scale that would always show the right weight, extremely rugged, has telephonic support if it breaks down and can be serviced from anywhere in India? It would be worth a lot more than an ordinary scale that is imported or that is made by an unknown company, using imported parts.

What we promise all our customers is that when you purchase from HSCo, you will always be paying the right price for any product. We do not guarantee that we are the cheapest, but we guarantee that our products are the best value for money.

The best scale for your needs will depend upon three factors

What industry you are in?

What is the maximum that you want to weight

What is the least that you want to weigh

Lets break this down. The industry is very important because all types of industries have a different requirement. So if you are weighing ice-cream or Grocery, you would require the same maximum capacity but the Ice-Cream scale would have a layer of Hydrophobic material coated on it, so it would last 15 times longer in a moisture as compared to a simple Grocery scale that may fluctuate due to the high moisture content on the PCB.

The maximum capacity that you want to weight is an important factor because it not only decides the size of the scale but also decides the strength of the scale and the material of construction. So lets say you have a transport company such as DTDC or VRL (both are our existing customers). SO you would usually need a heavy duty scale that even the labourers can use and can take impacts of upto 300 kgs. So the MOC has to be Iron or mild steel, and the platform size has to be such that 3-4 bundles can be accommodated on the scale. But if you are in the Precious Metals industry then you would require a scale having a maximum capacity of no more than 2000 gms. In this case a MOC of Plastic is acceptable.

The accuracy is one of the most important factors that you should consider while you are buying a weighing scale. All businesses need different levels of accuracies. If you are a Pharma Company, then even a difference of 0.0001 gm can change a formulation of your tablet. On the other hand if you are in the grocery business, a difference of 10 gms in potatoes would be acceptable, and still if you are in the steel industry, a difference of 2 kgs in a lot of 10,000 kgs would be acceptable.