Mechanical scale vs Electronic scale


People usually buy Mechanical scales over (vs Electronic scale) because of wear and tear. But they have so many disadvantages like difficulty to read, it has small pointer with large numbers & dashes in between tends to distraction while reading.

It usually has old school big & bulky design, though calibration is fairly simple like turning a knob or something. But the reading is not precise. Also, the cost of a mechanical scale is extremely high.

Mechanical scales reading might be accurate but not precise. Working of mechanical scale depends on a spring mechanism. There’s also no real way to look at a decimal measurement. meaning you’re either starring at 164 or 165 pounds or somewhere in the middle with no real way to measure the precise number in between (if you’re that concerned about specificity, that is).


On other hand, Digital / Electronic scales are way too cost-effective as compared to Mechanical / Analog scales. Talking about the design, most Digital scales are sleek & compact in design.

Unlike Mechanical scales, the digital display delivers your weight clearly. Most digital scales also come with a lit led screen/display to make it even easier to read your weight.

Electronic scales typically have better precision as they can measure up to the decimal in increments. Calibration of the Digital Electronic scale is also very simple.

Regardless of the scale you choose, look for one that is accurate, precise, durable, and affordable!

Electronic scales are capable of high precision. Electronic scales have high accuracy as compared to analog scales. So the digital scale is much better than the analog scale.

No more tampering and playing around with weights to counterbalance. We Hindustan Scale Company encourage our customers to upgrade themselves from Mechanical scales to Electronic scales.

Ask yourself what matters to you, Accuracy or Precision?

Mechanical scale Vs Electronic scale – Hindustan Scale Company (HSCo)

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