10 things to look out while buying a Baby Weighing Scale

1. Your Baby Weighing Scale should have a big tray to support the baby

While purchasing a Baby Weighing Scale make sure that the tray that comes with the scale is big enough. Sometimes, to reduce the size of the scale, vendors use a compact tray. The disadvantage is that, if the baby wriggles in the tray, there are chances that the baby will fall out. That could be disastrous. At HSCo we give a minimum of 540 * 260 * 100 mm. make sure that your Digital Baby Weigh Scale has a tray, bigger or equal to this dimension.

2. Your Weighing Scale should have an Anti Drifting feature

Your Baby Weighing Machine should have a hold function. Whenever you put the baby in the tray of the Baby Weighing Machine, the baby will wriggle. This causes the Baby Weighing Machine to fluctuate in its reading. Hence, it is necessary to have this function so that the scale has a stable reading. Make sure that this feature is there in your Baby Weighing Machine.

3. Your Scale should have a tare/zero button

Your Baby Weighing Machine should have a TARE / Zero Button. In most cases whenever the baby is kept on the tray, there is a soft cushion or pillow on which the baby is kept. In such a case, the weight of the cushion or pillow has to be subtracted from the total weight. Instead of doing this manually, you keep the cushion or pillow on the Scale. Now press on the TARE/ZERO button and the scale reading will come to zero. Then put the baby on the Weighing Scale, the actual weight of the baby will show up.

4. Baby Scale should be water-resistant and cleanable

Your Digital Baby Weighing Scale has to be water-resistant and cleanable. The baby will poop and make a mess on the weighing scale. You need to understand that the baby is unwell and that’s why you are using the Scale. You should be able to wash your Digital Weighing Scale and store it hygienically. Remember that while washing your Digital Scale, there is bound to be water seepage into the scale. This should not spoil your Baby Scale. Additionally, make sure that the tray of the Digital Baby Weighing Scale is one piece. It should have no joints, else it will be a tedious task to clean your Digital Baby Weighing Scale.


5. Your Electronic Baby Weighing Scale should be sturdy

Your Scale should be very studied because the baby will go towards one side of the scale. The Digital Baby Weigh Scale should not tilt or fall. Make sure that the Digital Baby Weigh Scale has a low Center of Gravity. This will make sure that your scale will not flip even if the entire weight is concentrated on one end. Additionally, remember that the scale will not be on the floor. Rather on a table. Flipping of the Scale may mean that the baby falling down on the floor and that could be disastrous.

6. Should have a one-year warranty

Your scales should have at least a one-year warranty on all manufacturing defects. This will make sure that even if your scale breaks down, or has minor problems. The manufacturer will replace or at least repair. Also, make sure that you service your Scale every year for optimal performance.

7. Should have a capacity of at least 20 kgs

Your scale should have a weighing capacity of at least 20 kgs. Usually, make sure that your scale is having a capacity of 20 kg. This means that you can use the scale for longer durations. We have seen some of HSCo’s customers using the Neo-Natal Scale even after eight years of buying. One more piece of advice is that if you want to use your Neo-Natal Weighing Scale for some other purpose other than neonatal. Please call us and take our advice on what modifications are to be made. You can make these modifications in the software of your Neo-Natal Weighing Scale at your premise itself. No need to get it to our warehouse.

8. Should be Stamped by the Legal Metrology Department

The Baby Weighing Scale price will depend heavily on whether it is certified by the Government or not. Well, if you are using it for domestic purposes, Government Stamping is not that important. If the Scale is used in a commercial establishment, then the Government Stamping and original certificate become extremely important. Especially if the Digital Baby Weighing Scale is being used in Hospitals and maternity clinics.


9. Should have an accuracy of at least 10 gms

Your Electronic Baby Weighing Scale should have an Accuracy of at least 10 grams. It is because you will want to measure even the slightest variations in your baby’s body. Hence insist on an Electronic Baby Weighing Scale that gives you a variation of at least 10 grams

10. Should have a Battery Backup of at least 20 hours

Your Electronic Weighing Scale ideally must have a battery backup of at least 20 hours. If you are using the scale for the hospital or maternity clinic’s use. There will be places where there would be no electricity. In such cases, the battery backup comes extremely handy in your Digital Baby Weighing Scale. 20 hours is a safe number. The Digital Weighing Scale manufactured by HSCo has a battery backup of about 34 hours. This means that on one charge your Digital Baby Weighing Scale can work for 34 hours without needing a recharge. This is the continuous working time. Standby time of Weighing Scale is about 296 hours.

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