Weighing Scale Price In Mumbai

Weighing Scale price in Mumbai or Anywhere in India depends upon various factors. Let me try and quantify and list down the parameters

Commercial Weighing Scales

Commercial Scales are extremely durable. It will have components that will last for 5-7 years – At least HSCo uses such components. Domestic Scales usually use Economical Components as they will not be used heavily. Hence they tend to be cheaper than commercial weighing scales.

Weighing Scales Accuracy

The thumb rule is – The more accurate a weighing scale is, the more expensive it is (for the same maximum weight). So a weighing scale to weigh diamonds will be more expensive than a weighing scale used to weigh groceries. We classify all weighing scales into the following categories.

1st Class – Used for Diamonds and R&D Purpose.

2nd Class – Used for Bullion metals like Gold, Silver, and other precious metals

3rd Class – Ordinary Accuracy like Grocery, etc.

4th & 5th Class – Used for Coal, Iron Ore, etc.

Electronic (Digital) Weighing Scales Vs Mechanical Weighing Scales

Weighing Scales tend to be more expensive than mechanical weighing scales. However, in a long run, the Electronic Weighing Scale price in Mumbai tends to pay its own cost, because it’s more accurate.

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Weighing Scales Brand

Foreign brands are more expensive than Indian Manufactured Brands like HSCo. It’s mainly because of the import charges that are applicable to imported weighing scales, which includes custom duties in their country as well as at the India Port. However, Indian Brands like HSCo are just as good as foreign brands when it comes to quality, reliability, and accuracy.


When you buy a weighing scale, whose MRP is not written, then the salesman will charge you a higher price for it. Hence try buying from a reputed site or reputed store that has all MRP’s marked and mentioned.

There may be various other factors, but I have listed the top factors as per my experience. To know more about us, please click here https://www.hindustanscale.com/about-us/.

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