How To Claim A Weighing Scale Warranty?

Weighing Scale Warranty and After Sales Service is the centerpiece of any Electronic Device. The warranty has to be airtight and applicable in all cases. Even if the scale should go out of warranty, it should be repairable at an extra cost.

Whenever you purchase a weighing scale from HSCo, you are given Weighing Scale Warranty card. Keep that warranty card carefully. You will need it when you are claiming your warranty.
If you face a problem with your weighing scale, the first thing you should do is call on 7045922251. This is the After Sales Service Helpline number. A technician will answer your call and try to debug the problem on the call itself.
If the problem cannot be debugged on a normal call, the next step is that engineers will try to solve the problem on a video call. All software and calibration errors can be solved this way.

If the problem is caused by a hardware fault, then our engineer will tell you so over the call. In that case, you will have to get the scale to your nearest service center. In case that is not possible, then please inform our engineer. He would arrange to send an engineer from the Dealer Network to your premises at an extra cost, that is payable in advance.

HSCo Does not give a weighing scale warranty on the following three components

Loadcell / Sensor

HSCo uses Sensors that are rated at 100% the overload capacity of the scale. This means that say, if you have taken a weighing scale with a maximum capacity of 100 kg, we will make sure that the sensor that we use can withstand a load of up to 200 kg’s for a very short duration of time. However, sometimes there is an impact overload. This means that something heavy may have fallen on the scale platform, which has impacted the weighing scale beyond its overload capacity.


HSCo uses the best Batteries in the industry. Our scales normally have a battery backup of up to 24 hours. However, sometimes the battery is not charged for a prolonged duration. Just like a car battery, if not charged, cannot hold charge… the weighing scale battery if not charged for a long time it will not hold a charge.


HSCo uses the best in the industry – ISI mains cord wire. However, sometimes the wire is cut due to physical impact or damage because of which it stops working.

Excessive insect infestation

In certain industries like Hotels/Restaurants/Poultry there is excessive insect infestation in the scale. The insects tend to lay eggs on the components because of which there is a short circuit.
In all the above conditions, the damage is not due to a manufacturing defect, but rather due to the extreme customer environment. Hence the above components are not covered in the manufacturing warranty. However, for an extra charge, it can be fixed.

Taking care of the weighing scale

  • Do not overload the scale, or subject the scale to impact loads. Do not bang any load on the scale.
  • Charge the battery regularly. If possible, put the scale 24*7 on the mains power. The scale has a relay circuit. When the battery is fully charged, the relay disconnects and hence there is no chance of overcharging or battery bursting. If the continuous power supply is not possible, then charge your scale regularly.
  • If the wire cuts. don’t panic. You can replace the wire on your own.
  • Keep the scale in a clean and hygienic place and keep the scale itself clean.

The better care you take on the scale, the longer the scale will last you.
One more recommendation, I have for buyers. Always try and buy weighing scales from Manufacturers rather than dealers and resellers. Resellers have an incentive to buy the cheapest weighing scale and to make the maximum margin on it. Every few months they would have a tendency to change the supplier, and stop giving service on the previously sold company models. Avoid dealers at all costs who demand cash, sell your scales without proper documentation – warranty card and Government Certificate.

A Manufacturer, on the other hand, has an incentive to maintain a brand image. Hence there is always service available for their manufactured scales. You can easily find out if a company is a manufacture if the name of the Brand is the same on the visiting card and the weighing scale.

How To Claim A Weighing Scale Warranty? – HSCo

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