Mango Grading Scale: 4 Unusual Facts to Know

What is the Mango Grading Scale?

Almost all products are dependent on their size. Take an example of a Diamond. The bigger a diamond the more is its value. Take the example of Amber. The bigger the amber piece the more its value. Also, the value of a bigger object is multiple times the value of the smaller product. 

Grading Scale For Mango Farming

Take the example of Mangoes. The bigger an Alphanso Mango, the more is its value. This is true for almost all types of agricultural products and livestock. It’s not always possible to categorize the grade of Mango just by looking at it. It is also impossible to grade a Mango by taking the weight of individual Mangoes and guessing which grade it is.

Special Mango Grading Scale

To make life easier for all mango Exporters and Traders, Hindustan Scale Co has come up with a special Mango Grading Scale. Once you set up the scale as per your grade sizes, the scale will automatically show you the grade a particular mango belongs to. What’s more, we have given you 15 Grading Steps so that you can match the entire range of grading for almost all Mangoes anywhere in the world. 

The generally Accepted Grading Sizes in India are as follows

A9 = 500g & above.

A8= 476-500g

A7= 451-475g

A6= 426-450g

A5= 401-425g

A4= 376-400g

A3= 351-375g

A2= 326-350g

A1= 301-325g

1   = 276-300g

2   = 251-275g

3   = 226-250g

4   = 201-225g

5   = 176-200g

6   = 151-175g

7   = 126-150g

8   = 101-125g

9   = 100 & below

The maximum capacity of the scale is 30 kgs, so you can even weigh your entire Mango Crate in one go. Additionally, you can also take out the count of the mangoes in the crane using this scale. 

This scale is extremely helpful for all the Mango Traders and Mango Exporters as it will save more time for your workforce so that you can divert them to more productive uses. Mango Grading Scales are also extremely useful to identify rotten mangoes because if the mango is big enough, but does not weigh that much, you can figure out there is something wrong with the Mango. 

This Mango Scale also has a TARE / ZERO Function, to make sure that when you are weighing the entire crate on the Scale, you can subtract the weight of the empty crate, so that the Mango Grading Scale will only show you the weight of the Mangoes inside and you can also take out the count. 

Scale is also certified by the Government of India and the Legal Metrology Department so that the weight it is showing is genuine and free from any error. The Mango Grading Scale has a warranty of 1 year against any manufacturing defect. 

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