When you are buying a scale from HSCo, we will check the scale in front of you and only if you are satisfied with the scale will we give it to you. However, there is no way to know if your scale is showing the right weight once you leave our store.

As per the law you are supposed to keep 10% of the maximum capacity of the weight of your scale. So if you are purchasing a weight scale of 300 kgs, you have to keep 30 kgs alongside with it. A lot of business owners donot keep these weights

At Hindustan Scale Company we feel it is always better to keep these weights and count it as a cost of the scale. There are two reasons for that. Firstly you are compliant by law. Secondly, you can always check the weighing scale by keeping these weights on the scale. And weights are not that expensive either.

Well, Quality is a highly subjective matter, and that you are buying a good quality scale is something like asking is Honda City a good car. Now compared to TATA Nano, it is. Compared to Mercedes C Class it is not.

So the real question you should be asking is, will the scale being purchased do the task for which it is being bought. So if you want to weigh gold, a Kirana scale will do no good. You need a gold weighing scale.

Now at Hindustan Scale Company – HSCo, scales come with a two years warranty against an industry standard of one year. SO we are quite sure that the scales will last you more than the other scales available in the market. Also at HSCo we give you a lifetime free upgrade of all the software pertaining to a model FREE of cost. And there is backward compatibility. So even after seven years when you come back to us for repairs we will be able to do it. We are an ISO 9001:2015 company and all products that we manufacture go through a rigorous quality check. We also have a policy that we buy only the best components from the industry leaders in their fields and they too need to be an ISO certified company. That gives us an extra edge in quality compared to the smaller brands. Also at HSCo we have a dedicated R&D and software team that can give you the latest technology at the most affordable price.

Our scales easily last you for more than seven years giving you one of the lowest cost of ownership and one of the highest weighing averages. Our scales can handle more than 1,50,000 repetations throughout their lifetime. Our grocery scales over their lifetime weigh about 63 tons of goods, and our crane scale more than 39,00,00,000 (39 crore) kgs of material.

So should you buy from us. Definitely you should.

We have a number of DIY videos in the help section that helps you to debug the scale yourself. So you can fix your scale yourself (believe me, its fairly simple). So you still find it difficult to fix the scale you can call our Repairs and Queries number +91-7045922251 and talk to our engineers about the same. They will guide you for the step by step repairing process.

Say you still cannot fix the problem. We have over 1440 repairers, service dealers and technicians all over India who can fix your scale. What you need to do is download our app and raise a repairing request, and someone will come and fix your scale. Its that simple

Absolutely Yes. There is no second thought about it. All the scales that leave HSCo’s factory are 100% Legal Metrology Approved and a certificate for the same will be issued to the customer. If you take an electronic scale then an original certificate will accompany the scale. If you take a Mechanical Scale then a photocopy of the certificate will accompany the scale.

Why do you purchase any weighing scale. So that you are assured that the scale shows you the right weight, always. Now will the scale be any good, if its cheap but does not show you the right weight. So now what is the worth of a scale that would always show the right weight, extremely rugged, has telephonic support if it breaks down and can be serviced from anywhere in India? It would be worth a lot more than an ordinary scale that is imported or that is made by an unknown company, using imported parts.

What we promise all our customers is that when you purchase from HSCo, you will always be paying the right price for any product. We do not guarantee that we are the cheapest, but we guarantee that our products are the best value for money.

The best scale for your needs will depend upon three factors

What industry you are in?

What is the maximum that you want to weight

What is the least that you want to weigh

Lets break this down. The industry is very important because all types of industries have a different requirement. So if you are weighing ice-cream or Grocery, you would require the same maximum capacity but the Ice-Cream scale would have a layer of Hydrophobic material coated on it, so it would last 15 times longer in a moisture as compared to a simple Grocery scale that may fluctuate due to the high moisture content on the PCB.

The maximum capacity that you want to weight is an important factor because it not only decides the size of the scale but also decides the strength of the scale and the material of construction. So lets say you have a transport company such as DTDC or VRL (both are our existing customers). SO you would usually need a heavy duty scale that even the labourers can use and can take impacts of upto 300 kgs. So the MOC has to be Iron or mild steel, and the platform size has to be such that 3-4 bundles can be accommodated on the scale. But if you are in the Precious Metals industry then you would require a scale having a maximum capacity of no more than 2000 gms. In this case a MOC of Plastic is acceptable.

The accuracy is one of the most important factors that you should consider while you are buying a weighing scale. All businesses need different levels of accuracies. If you are a Pharma Company, then even a difference of 0.0001 gm can change a formulation of your tablet. On the other hand if you are in the grocery business, a difference of 10 gms in potatoes would be acceptable, and still if you are in the steel industry, a difference of 2 kgs in a lot of 10,000 kgs would be acceptable.

If you need a special scale made as per your requirements or if you need to incorporate any specific software in your scale, please mail us at [email protected]. We will be able to make a scale that is customized as per your requirements.

This is entirely dependant upon you. Please download our app on google play store or visit our website and you will be able to find a scale that will suite your requirement and your pocket. In a rare case if you cannot find something that you are looking for please send us a mail on [email protected] or click HERE. Our engineers will call you to understand your requirements.

Well, Hindustan Scale Company was established in 1954. Please refer our timline HERE. So we HSCo have been in the market for more than 60 years. In this time we have manufactured more than 20,00,00,000 scales and have more than 3,00,000 satisfied customers across the world. We are one of the largest manufacturers of weighing scales in India having more than 1440 dealers, sub-dealers and service engineers all over India. In addition to this, we have a dedicated Research and Development unit that produces cutting edge technology for Weighing solutions to make sure that you always have the fastest and the best performing machines.  We have four warehouses across India to make sure that whatever you need, we can custom make it, in the least possible time. We only source from other ISO certified companies making sure that no substandard components leave our factory and that you only get the best and the highest performing scales that would last you for a long period of time.

Yes, we are one of the biggest brand names in the Weighing Scale Industry in India.

It does not matter if you buy online or offline. The prices, the quality, the warranty, etc. everything remains the same. We would recommend that you approach this in the following manner

If you are new to weighing scales, or if you want to have a look and feel of the weighing scale you want to buy, come to our retail outlet. We will be more than happy to show you the scale and how it works. If you have already been using a weighing scale, know exactly how it works and just want to replace an old scale with a new HSCo one, please place the order online. We will ship the scale with all its accessories to you.

There is a no return policy i.e. if you purchase a weighing scale, we will not be able to refund you the amount. However, if you tell us within 24 hours of buying the scale that you would like to exchange the scale for another scale of ours we would be able to exchange it, If the new scale is priced lower then you would get a credit note that you have to redeem within the next six months of the purchase. If the new scale is higher priced then you would have to pay the difference of the two prices.

You can view the video HERE on how to setup a platform scale. Its easy..

If the amount has been debited from your bank account but you have not got a confirmation from our website that the payment was successful then the paid amount will be refunded to you by the vendor as per their terms and conditions. Since HSCo has not received the payment, we would not be able to dispatch the goods.

The Government stamping for Mechanical Scales is usually two years and for Mechanical Scales is one year. After one year you would be contacted by us either through a SMS, Whatsapp or phone call to remind you that your stamping is overdue and has to be renewed. You would be guided for the process of renewal and the charges for the same.

Yes, all scales purchased from HSCo are legal to trade. You would be getting a certificate from the Legal Metrology Department to this regard from us.

All scales from HSCo are meant to exceed your expectations in terms of durability and rudgedness. Even after the warranty period your scales should give you the same accuracy and precision as when you purchased it. Also, we have a support of all our scales for 15 years. So if you have bought a scale from us in 2019, you can be assured that we will have the parts and will be able to service your scale until 2034. You can always get it repaired/serviced from us through our service centers or you can us the services of one of our 1440 channel partners to avail the service.

Whenever you are buying a weighing scale from HSCo you can rest assured that you are investing in the best weighing scale there is in the market. We use the best components available to make sure that scales outlast your expectations.

However due to unforeseen circumstances if the scale breaks down you can immediately call up on our helpline number 7045922251 where our service engineers would assist you. If there is a software problem we would be able to fix the scale online. There are also a number of DIY videos that are uploaded on the website in the “HELP and VIDEOS” section where we have listed down steps to debug most of the problems and it will just take a few minutes to fix them.

If somehow a problem still persists you can get the scale to our service centres and we will be able to service your scale. If getting the scale to our service centre is not possible we would be sending one of our service engineers to fix your scale.

After we receive the payment you will get the goods by three methods. If you are in the city of mumbai we attempt a same day home delivery through a courier or local transport. If you are anywhere in the country, then the goods will be shipped to you through one of our transport partners.  Once the goods are dispatched the tracking number of the transport will be given to you and you can track your goods online.

When you buy a weighing scale from HSCo, you can be assured that you would not need to service your scale for a very long time. Additionally, you are given a FREE after sales service at the end of one year.  Our executive will call you for this free service. You can also call our helpline number 7045922251 if you have any queries regarding the service or maintenance of your scale.

Apart from that if you need to service your scale we have more than 1440 dealers, sub dealers and Service Engineers all over the country who would be able to assist you.

At HSCo we have a fixed price policy. So the prices across all our platform are the same. Also we donot guarantee that our prices are the cheapest but we promise that our scales are the best value for your money.

However, we do understand that all the businesses would not have the same intensive use of a weighing scale. Hence we have different series of weighing scales, eg people who need the bluetooth connectivity we have the Galileo Series, for the printer scales we have the Pythagoras series and for the simple scales we have the Darwin series. The price range of these scales differ and so does the functionality.

We would not recommend you buying a cheaper scale from other vendors. You have to understand why does a scale become cheap. Either substandard components (usually imported from China) are used because of which the scale would not have a life that you would expect out of it. Or the Quality Control is not great with the result the scale tends to break down quite often. Or even in some cases dealers to make a quick buck donot get the scale verified by the Legal Metrological department because of which you might end up paying a fine of upto 25000/-. Its always better to invest a little more in a more rugged scale than to save some money initially but end up paying a lot more later on.

At HSCo we take quality very seriously. We have an entire department dedicated to Quality Control of all the weighing scales that we manufacture, to make sure that no substandard scale ever leaves our factory. We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified having very clear guidelines mentioned about quality control. Additionally, to make sure that the components that we are sourcing are the best in the industry, we only purchase from ISO 9001:2015 or equivalent companies who are market leaders in their respective fields.

All this means that whenever a scale leaves our factory, you can be assured that it is the best quality that you can buy.

At HSCo we make every effort to make sure that the goods reach in pristine condition to the customer. To protect the goods we pack all our table top scales and Platform scale indicators in a wooden case. We also select only trustworthy transport companies and courier service companies so that the damage to the goods is minimum. However, transportation damage is not in our scope as its not because of a manufacturing defect.

All our scales have an optional connectivity feature of Bluetooth, RS-232 and USB on the motherboard. However we donot put the modules as everybody doesn’t need these in their scales. However, if you need any of these modules attached to the motherboard please tell this to our sales executive while buying this or while ordering please select the bluetooth scales.

All the scale that are sold by HSCo are approved by the weights and measures department. You will get a certificate from us for the same. In case of an electronic scale the certificate will be original and in case of Mechanical scales the certificate will be a photocopy with your goods mentioned in the certificate.

As long as you have purchased a Weighing Scale of the HSCo brand (either directly through us or through a dealer) you enjoy a standard warranty on your weighing scales. It doesn’t matter where you are from. In fact more than 80% of our scales are used out of Mumbai.

Yes, you can rent any type of scale you want. Call our sales numbers and we will be able to help you with the scales that you need to rent.

It is very easy to use a weighing scale. You just switch on a weighing scale, keep the load on it and check its weight. That’s it. This is true for the HSCo Darwin Series.

Depending upon what type of weighing scale you are using that the complexity of usage increases. So lets say, you have the HSCo Newton series weighing scale. Now this is a bluetooth weighing scale that is capable of storing records into your Android phone, connect to the ERP system and give a printout. Lets say you have a HSCo Pythagoras scale. That would connect to the internet, order for Raw Materials and even tell you the amount of finished goods that you are manufacturing and the wastage that is produced.

Everybody uses a weighing scale. Every industry uses a weighing scale. So you can rest assure that your competition and your customers, your suppliers as well as your consumers all use a weighing scale. To know what they think of the HSCo weighing scales, please log into our website and have a look at what other people are saying of this product.

All HSCo scales have the latest weighing scale hardware and software in them. So you can be sure that your scale has the Cutting edge technology when you have bought it. At HSCo we are constantly innovating technology and inventing hardware so that your scales remain ahead of the market curve. However, with time, technology gets obsolete because HSCo itself reinvents future technology. Our experience shows that you need to upgrade your weighing scales once every 8 years. So you may plan to either retire your scales at the end of eight years, or in case of heavy machines like weighbridges and Batching plants, you may want to upgrade the weighing scales at every seven to eight years.

You may pay on our website or app through a credit card or a debit card. If you are a business, you can also pay directly into our bank account through IMPS/NEFT or RTGS. Its that simple.

We donot accept Cash on Delivery.

When you are buying a HSCo branded weighing scale, you can rest assured that it is the best available weighing scale in the market. Not only do we use the latest weighing scale technology, but we also use parts that are sourced only by ISO approved companies who are market leaders in their fields. So we are sure that the scale will last you more than your expectations.

We do recommend that you get your scale serviced atleast once a year from our service centers. We also give you a FREE service after one year. So all you need to do is get your weighing scale to us after one year and we will do the rest.

With the purchase of any HSCo scale, you can rest assured that the weighing that is shown is the right weight. Sometimes due to temperature fluctuations, physical impacts or voltage fluctuations, the memory where the algorithm is stored gets corrupted. Hence the weight may be off a few error divisions.

The way to identify this having atleast 10% of the weight of the full Load capacity of the scale with you. For example if you have a 100 kg scale have atleast 10 kg weight so that you can check the scale for its correctness. If you find that the scale is not showing the right weight or is off by more than two error divisions, then call on 7045922251, see our DIY videos HERE or get the scale to our nearest service centre and we will fix the scale.

HSCo scales are quite rigged and sturdy, so maintenance required is minimal.

Firstly see if your problem is described in our DIY videos HERE. If no then call on our service centre number 7045922251 and our service engineers will be able to help you fix your scale. If that also doesn’t work, get the scale to our service centre and we will be able to fix it. If getting the scale to our service center is not possible raise a service request on our App and we will send someone at your place to fix the weighing scale.

We have a network of more than 1440 dealers, sub-dealers and service engineers throughout India, so we can send someone to you all across the country.

The Weights and Measures Stamping on your scale is usually two years for Mechanical Scales (some like the Platform scale and Circular spring balance has a validity of one year) and one year for a Digital weighing scale.

After one year you will get a call from us telling you about the expiry date of the scale. Please ask the procedure and the nearest office where you can take the weighing scale for renewal.